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Trinity Laban Musical Theatre Presents: Big Fish

TUE 21 JUN 19:00 Cast Dragon
WED 22 JUN 19:00 Cast Daffodil
THU 23 JUN 19:00 Cast Dragon
FRI 24 JUN 19:00 Cast Daffodil
SAT 25 JUN 14:30 & 19:00 Cast Dragon

Jody Ellen Robinson Musical Supervisor
Samuel Wilson Musical Director
Bryan Hodgson Director

Edward Bloom has lived a fantastical life filled with magical beings, marked by true love, and defined by bold, heroic actions. His adult son Will, soon to have a son of his own and tired of his father’s extravagant tales, decides to uncover his father’s ‘true’ life story.

Big Fish is a truly heart-warming and magical musical, brought to life by Trinity Laban’s second year Musical Theatre students.


Adult Will Marc Giro
Old / Present Day Edward George Derry
Young / Flashback Edward Tommy Fouweather
Karl Joseph Birch-Scanlon
Amos Clay Cladwell
Young / Flashback Sandra Ruby Joy
Young / Flashback Jenny Anna McKenna
Witch Lara Vivone
Old / Present Day Sandra Luisa Coelho da Silva
Josephine Aly Kesar Mohanraj
Old / Present Day Jenny Jasmine Cairns
Don Price Will Holtby
Child Will Damien Laureys
Zacky Price Santino Zapico
Will’s son Jack Brierley
Sandra Friend 1 Katlo Masole
Sandra Friend 2 Eden Hunter
Mermaid Kate Craig
Little Girl / Farm Girl (amalgamated in 1) Emma Aspray
Fisherman Jo Jo Meredith
Waiter Santino Zapico
Dr Bennett Honor Brigg
Mayor Alexandra Hill
Schoolteacher Kate Craig
Sharecropper Jo Jo Meredith
Shotgun Toter Jasmine Cairns
Barber Katlo Masole
Shepherd Eden Hunter
Don’s Fraternity Buddies Will Harris
Don’s Fraternity Buddies Jack Briefly
Over Excited Scout Emma Aspray
Red Fang Shannon Bourne
General Evan Papadimitrio
Judge Will Harris


Adult Will Zach Lillis
Old / Present Day Edward Aaron McAnulty
Young / Flashback Edward David Anderson
Karl Lucas Frost
Amos Sam McHale
Young / Flashback Sandra Eve Maidwell
Young / Flashback Jenny Rhiannon Drone
Witch Matilda Murphy
Old / Present Day Sandra Chiara McDougall
Josephine Dresden Goodwin
Old / Present Day Jenny Amy Murray
Don Price Freddy Williams
Child Will Dane Christy
Zacky Price Michael Sweeney
Will’s son Cai Williams
Sandra Friend 1 Zara Minns
Sandra Friend 2 Georgia Burdock
Mermaid Fiona Kinsella
Little Girl / Farm Girl (amalgamated in 1) Megan Wheatley
Fisherman Hamish Naylor
Waiter Michael Sweeney
Dr Bennett Lois Mulvenna
Mayor Samantha Propser
Schoolteacher Fiona Kinsella
Sharecropper Hamish Naylor
Shotgun Toter Amy Murray
Barber Zara Minns
Shepherd Georgia Burdock
Don’s Fraternity Buddies Daniel Walker
Don’s Fraternity Buddies Cai Williams
Over Excited Scout Megan Wheatley
Red Fang Lea Marie Kurbjun
General Joseph Wells
Judge Daniel Walker

Music & Lyrics by Andrew Lippa
Book by John August

Great Hall, Blackheath Halls
£10 | £5 concessions

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