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From the producers of the some of the world’s finest Circuses comes a brand new show specially created for a brilliant UK Tour in 2021
Continental Circus Berlin with an amalgamation of brilliant Circus acts from all 4 corners of the globe, music & real youthful energy, incorporating fantastic performers from all over the world.
In an age where so much entertainment is unreal, made up of special effects, CGI and has a virtual reality, being pre-recorded, multi-tracked, digitally enhanced or in some other way electronically created – the sheer reality of a live show is a breath of fresh air and the feats and skills seen at Continental Circus Berlin are often so amazing that the Circus-goer literally can not believe their eyes.
From Rola balancing on a motorbike to super fast Las Vegas quick change to the death defying Globe of Death.
Clowns Angelo & Eddy, will guide you through this super show which also includes
Beautiful Aerialist’s, daring acrobats and the sensational award winning High Wire, performing high up in the roof of the Big Top.
An amazing array of acts twisting an age-old tradition for a modern family audience.
Housed in the Socially Distanced Theatre style big top is sure to impress, this magical production is brimming with an international cast of breathtaking artistes.
This Circus is the finest show to come to town under The Continental Circus Berlin banner and this famous name has always been your guarantee of a great show, a rare treat, great fun & with something for all ages.
Continental Circus Berlin will be in the UK for a limited run so make certain this sure fire hit is a definite for your diary. Don’t miss this amazing show

The event is finished.

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