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    1 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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    Tziganos is a culinary and cultural merger between Spain and Italy.

    At our restaurant guests can experience Spanish and Italian cuisine, which have many similarities in ingredients, tastes and flavours, as well as dive into the Mediterranean culture of food, life and music.



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    Looks beautifull and inviting outside,bad mannerd,greedy staff

    1.0 rating
    8th December 2020

    I went into this restaurants on sunday,(it looks absolutely so inviting,on the outside,I was there listening to music,drinking wine,and eating tappas,they took my money,happly,and then approached me saying I couldn’t have another drink,and I must eat again,a substantial meal,(I thought Brushetta being bread,if which there were four,slices olives,to start,with was ok,I was rudely approached,and spoken to like an idiot,i had already spent,nearly spent 50.00,and refused,other services,I was neither rude or offensive,and felt attacked,and cornerd,they had my money,and were insisting,eat some thing substancial,,I got up to leave,and was chased like a criminal,over a glass of water,it is the worst,and most hurtful thing,that as ever happend,I have been to this place before,when it was first opend,and was spoken to like dirt,because I asked,what time it was,filling up there till,I thought I would give them a another chance,as the restaurants was upgraded,and looked lovelythese people,are rude,and carry on as though they are doing you a favour,the shoe,is on the other foot,you would think,in this current clmate,they would be happy,to have a customer,the place wasn’t full,there are better places to spend you’re hard earned cash,beleiv e me!won’t go back ever against need lessons in the manners dept!I think I’m owed an apology!if they are decent enough!I doubt they will bothersome other reviews.

    Wendy Hitchcox

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