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    Designers & Installers of ‘ICO Fire’ The High Pressure Water Mist SystemsTM Services Ltd
    TM Services are a specialist in fire safety. We are authorised in the installation, design, commissioning and maintenance in High Pressure Water Mist Systems by ICO. With years of experience and knowledge, we have fabricated an advanced ICO mist system for protection systems that provide immediate and effective water suppression in the event of fire. The ICO mist system is tested for a wide range of environments and is certified for minimising the risks to property and people. With our experienced team of designers, technicians and surveyors, TM Services is capable to provide a sufficient and reliable service. We Are proud of our customer service and professionalism and can guarantee a great customer relationship upon any project. Our High-Pressure fire sprinkler systems have proved their value with our clients. Additionally, they are known to render flexibility and reliability all the time with lower water consumption, low maintenance costs and easy suppression.



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