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    you’ll experience the best of both worlds – exceptional private care, within a trusted NHS clinical setting on your doorstep.Meridian Physiotherapy & Podiatry

    We are a team of specialist Physiotherapists and Podiatrists with expertise in conditions affecting mobility, function and wellbeing. By providing full assessment, treatment and rehabilitation, our aim is to provide the highest quality of care without compromise. Our physiotherapy and podiatry team will work with you to provide the best care to address your injury or complaint.

    Some of the injuries/ complaints we see include: -

    • Sports injuries
    • Joint pain & arthritis
    • Post surgery rehabilitation
    • Pain management
    • Custom orthotics fitting and rehabilitation

    We also provide a range of treatment options: -

    • Acupuncture sessions
    • Shockwave Therapy
    • Ultrasound Diagnostics
    • Guided Injection Therapy
    • Running/ Walking Assessment (Gait Analysis)
    Details of the service and all of our treatments can be found on our website:-



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